Comprehensive Course


Chess, in addition to its virtues as an entertainment game, which has stood the test of time, fully deserves the hierarchy of a powerful tool for the intellectual growth of youth.

GM Oscar Panno

Indeed, it contains under the appearance of a more or less complex pastime all the characteristics of a pure Strategy organism, since apart from the trivial comparison with a bloodless battle between rival armies, it contains formal aspects that involve most of the manifestations of human activity.

This arises because each player, having precise objectives and clearly established rules, has to overcome a whole series of problems and difficulties that are created from the chosen path and that can also be modified, according to their way of traveling it

Then, by bringing together the virtues of a pleasant game, with the structure and the characteristic method for the evolution of reasoning and the development of responsibility, it turns out to be an extremely suitable element for the training and building of intelligence

GM Oscar Panno