Comprehensive Course

Considerations about the Course

GM Oscar Panno

The experience acquired over many years dedicated to the teaching and improvement of Chess has allowed us to develop and develop an ideal course to delve into the mechanism of chess thinking.

To cover the different stages of knowledge, we have made a basic course, emphasizing the mastery of tactical tools, elementary endings, stratagems and traps in the openings, and fundamental advice, which allow the fan to handle their games with the necessary fluency to perfect and experience experience.

At the other end of the arc, and for higher level players, we offer, through the study of Pawn Structures, a vision of the Advanced Strategy of the game.

The central development of the work consists of the tour of an ideal Gallery of Famous Pictures where the culminating moments of masterful games are exposed. From them our Didactic Assistants guide us, analyzing their most outstanding aspects:

The magnifying glass of The Detective investigates the scope and action of each of the pieces; The Explorer guides us to discover the best paths to follow; The Balance allows to weigh the different value of the plans and the plays, and both the sentences of The Genius of the Board and the advice of TWOM (The Wise Old Man), transmit to us the voice of the experience, channeling each one, respectively, the universal concepts wisely distilled through time, and the practical rules that govern in a competition, where emotional and psychological factors are not absent.

These Assistants, in addition to providing their note of color and making the study of a material that can sometimes seem arid more enjoyable, offer, through their individual characteristics, a way of orienting thought to face the training and practice of Chess.

In the study of Pawn Structures, these are considered through examples of great players. To increase the critical judgment of the reader, the Devil’s Advocate intervenes, generating a demystifying controversy of rigid concepts. With the Right to Reply, the initial criteria are expanded, to better cover the Chess Truth.

In all cases, the versatility of the computer and the power of the Internet offer mechanisms that allow “seeing” the development of the Games and participating in the solution of the Problems, investigating the Analysis and scrutinizing the Theory.

The Program that facilitates these visions, constitutes a modern tool that enhances the natural didactic capacity of the contents. We cordially invite you to participate in this venture.

GM Oscar Panno