Chess ABC

The Game starts

The Lone King

As we have already seen, Checkmate to a monarch ends the game in all cases, independently of the position and of the relationship between the material forces.

But we also know that there are indirect ways to reach this end, when Checkmate is not possible in a direct way.

In effect, in said cases the Advantage of Material acquires outstanding importance.

When this Advantage is produced through captures, promotions, etc., a suitable Simplification naturally leads to the extreme case of a board with both Kings and only one side having other pieces that represent the Material Advantage obtained.

These Basic Endings must be studied and must be known beforehand in order to make the best decisions during the course of the game.

Now we are going to analyze a case in which a Minimum amount of Material may lead the enemy King to the final Checkmate situation, and we are going to analyze how to give this Mate correctly.

The knowledge of the suitable maneuvers is called Technique, and it is very important because the rules of chess in certain positions – for instance this case of the Lone King- state that Checkmate must be given before 50 moves. .

If Checkmate is not given before this number of moves the game is a Draw!