Chess ABC

The Game starts

Two Rooks

As we will see, only one Rook is required to give checkmate, but for didactical reasons it is convenient to analyze this Endgame.

With this case, two phases are clarified which are the fundamental base of the Technique required to give many mates:

  • Identification of the Area of the Board where the Checkmate will be given: Edge or Corner.
  • Procedure and maneuvers to force the enemy King to the corresponding Area.

In this case the Area will be that of the Edge. The existence of two Rooks allows us to do without the participation of our own King.

The procedure can be described as a “Rook Roll” Mate. The reason is that both pieces complement themselves marching step by step and “rolling” the enemy King up the board.

While one of the rooks prevents the King from getting too far from the edge chosen as the Checkmate Area, the other attacks it and forces it to said Edge.

1. Rh4+

A Rook stops the King while the other “pushes” it into the Checkmate Area that,
in this case, is the upper Edge..

1. ... Kc5
2. Rg5+

Both Rooks alternate their function, marching step by step.

2. ... Kd6
3. Rh6+ Ke7
4. Rg7+


If the Lone King approaches one of the Rooks, it has to move as far away as possible from that square, but  always maintaining the structure, and then continue with the procedure.

4. ... Kf8!
5. Ra7! Kg8
6. Rb6! Kf8
7. Rb8++