Chess ABC

The Game starts

Two Bishops

Both Bishops must act jointly  with their King  to give Checkmate in one of the corners of the  Board.

They cannot give Checkmate in the Center of it, because the two Bishops and the King can only control 6 out of the 8 squares to which the enemy King can move

The suitable Technique

1. The Checkmate Area is normally one of the Corners of the Board.

The Checkmate in the middle of an Edge is only an exception because it cannot be obligatory; whereas in the Center of the Board it is impossible because the Lone King always finds an exit.

2. The procedure to “push” the enemy King to the edge requires the help of the Strong King.

Both Bishops on adjacent diagonals “build” an impenetrable wall.

We have to transfer this “wall” to the chosen corner where the Checkmate will easily be given.

An example

1. Kf2 Kf4

The King escapes from the Corners.

2. Bc3 Ke4

The two Bishops begin to control two adjacent diagonals while
the Lone King wants to reach the Center of the Board.

3. Bc4 Kf4

The mobility of the King is being restricted although the monarch stays in the Center.

4. Bd3 Kg4
5. Bd2 Rh4

The other Bishop controls the black diagonal. The net is closing!

6. Kf3 Kh5
7. Bf5 Kh4
8. Bg6 Kh3
9. Bg5 Kh2
10. Bf5 Kg1
11. Bh3 Kh2
12. Kg4 Bg1
13. Kg3 Kh1

The Strong King has actively helped to reach the ideal position to give Checkmate

14. Bg2+ Kg1
15. Be3++


The mechanism of this Endgame consists in trapping the Lone King in the little triangle of a corner.

The other Bishop will have to be far enough away in order to avoid the danger of the Stalemate Position.