Chess ABC

Notation System

Descriptive Notation

Each Square has a Name.

In this case the name of each vertical File corresponds to that of the piece which is placed in said File at the beginning of the game. The Pieces belong to the Kingside or to the Queenside for purposes of identification.

Each horizontal Line, called a Row or Rank, is numbered from the side of the player who has made a move.

For example:

1. PK4 means that the white Pawn originally situated on 2K, advances two squares up to the fourth row at the beginning of the game

6… B5QN means that Black has moved his Kingside Bishop to the fifth square of the Queen’s Knight’s original file, in his sixth move

When capturing we mention:
  • The piece that has made the capture.
  • The Symbol x, which means a capture.
  • The piece that has been captured.

The move is :

White wishes to place his Queen on the square marked

White has moved his Queen and has to write his move down

1. Q7KR+

A Promotion

White can move his Pawn to the eighth rank.

If White promotes the “g” Pawn and chooses a Queen, the move would be

1. P8N=Q+

A Capture

White threatens to capture the Rook

If White captures the Rook with the Bishop.

1. BxR

Possibility of Capturing with two Identical Pieces:

Whenever two identical pieces (2 Knights, 2 Bishops) can move to
the same square we have to identify the piece that we are going to move.

I) The side is mentioned
1st. Case: 1. NQxP 2nd Case: 1. NRxP
II) The row is mentioned
1st. Case: R1xP 2nd. Case: 1. R7xP

Other examples

The Ambiguous Move

If Black wants to place a Knight on b5:

In Descriptive Notation the move would be: N6-N4 or N2-N4, as may correspond
1st. Case: 1. N7-N5 2º Caso: N3-N5
Multiple Capture with Pawns

In this Figure, the possible captures are:

If White moves:

I) First alternative

1. KPxP

The King’s File Pawn is the one that has captured.

II) Second alternative

1. NPxBP

The Knight’s file Pawn is the one that captures.

It chooses the Bishop’s Pawn between the two possibilities

III) Third Alternative

1. PxRP

The Rook´s Pawn has been chosen for the capture

If it is Black´s turn:

I) First alternative

1. … RPxP

The Rook´s Pawn captures.

II) Second Alternative

1. … BPxNP

The Bishop’s Pawn chooses to capture the Knight’s Pawn..

III) Third alternative

1. … PxKP

Black decides to capture the King’s Pawn