Chess ABC

Elements of the Game

The Pawn

It moves in a vertical direction in only one way: forward.

It is the only piece that can´t move backwards

The movement of the Pawn

It can only advance one square at a time, except when it is in the initial position, from where it can choose between moving one or two squares in its first advance.

Each Pawn is allowed to advance, in its turn, as shown in the Diagram.

So, in the initial position, the 8 Pawns of each side will be allowed to advance two squares, but will not have the obligation to do so.


The Pawn does not capture as it moves, in this being different from other pieces.  Its way of capturing another piece is the following: it can capture any enemy piece on the diagonal square ahead of him, to the pawn’s right or left.

Nobody can capture
Both sides can capture

There is a Pawn for each side that can capture.

1) If it is White’s turn:

White has captured.

The logic sequence would be:

Black has captured.

2) If it is Black’s turn:

Black has captured