Chess ABC

Elements of the Game

The Movement of the Pieces

The pieces are moved according to set rules. They have a natural limit on the borders of the Board that cannot be trespassed.  Another limit appears when there is another piece in the path of a certain piece. If the former is of our army, it can move up to the square immediately preceding that of the second piece.But if it is an enemy chessman we can capture it extending the limit. The Knight, as  will be seen is the exception to the rule because of its special movement

The Capture

The action of Capturing is performed through the advance of our piece to the square occupied by the enemy piece, taking it off of the Board and replacing it with our piece. Captures are optional, that is , that they are not obligatory.

Now we are going to see how each Piece can move and capture.

The Rook
The Bishop
The Queen
The Knight
The Pawn
The King