Chess ABC

Special moves

Promoting a Pawn

The Pawn has a special characteristic that makes it different from the rest of the pieces:


Whenever the Pawn reaches the last Rank of the Board, the pawn is said to have promoted and in that moment the player has the right and the obligation to exchange that pawn for: a Queen, a Rook, a Bishop, or a Knight. The existence of these pieces on the board does not affect this right. So, in a certain game we could have 2 Queens of the same color, 3 bishops, 3 knights or 3 rooks, as a result of a “Promotion”.

PAY ATTENTION: You cannot ask for a King or Pawn when promoting.

Promoting a Pawn

Both sides can "promote"


Whenever the Pawn reaches a square in the last Rank, it is taken off the board and is replaced by a new piece.(All this procedure is considered as one move.)

1) If it is White’s turn:

White has promoted and has chosen a Queen.

2) If it is Black´s turn:

Black has promoted and has chosen a Queen.

The logic sequence would be:

Both sides have promoted and chosen a Queen.