Chess ABC

Elements of the Game

The Queen

She has the possibility of moving like the Rook or like the Bishop – that is, on Files, Rows, or Diagonals. She can’t “jump”.

She is the piece of greatest mobility and power. However, the King exceeds her in importance. Without the Queen on the Board, we can continue playing, but when a King has been checkmated, the game is inevitably over!

The movement of the Queen

The Queen controls a minimum of 21 squares and a maximum of 27. You can confirm this fact on your own Board. Try placing a Queen in different positions and you will see the possible moves. On the “edge” of the board she disposes of 21 squares, when approaching the Center 23, and 25,and in the Center 27.

Limits of the movement

Maximum movement possible without capturing

Capturing an enemy piece. Limits of the movement