Chess ABC

Elements of the Game

The Bishop

It can also move as many squares as it wants to, but only through the diagonals of the color that it is occupying -it can’t change this color. It can’t “jump” (nor can the rook). Because of its mobility the Bishop belongs to the “MINOR PIECES” group, along with the Knight.

According to its limited mobility, the Bishop is the only piece that always moves on the same color squares. Each side has 2 Bishops, 1 that moves on white squares and the other on black ones.

The movement of the Bishop

In the Diagram we can see the central position of the black Bishop, from this position it controls a maximum of 13 squares. When it is on the edge of the board its mobility is reduced to a minimum of 7 squares.

Limits of the movement

Maximum movement possible without capturing

Capturing an enemy piece. Limits of the movement