Chess ABC

Elements of the Game

The Pieces

Each player has 16 pieces at the commencement of the game.

1 King
1 Queen
2 Bishops
2 Knights
2 Rooks
8 Pawns

Initial Position

Only one piece may be placed on each square.

We have to pay attention in order to place the pieces on the right squares: The White Queen is placed – in the Initial Position- on a white square and the Black Queen on a black square. And the other detail – which we have already seen - is that “a white corner of the Board has to be on each player’s right.” These easy hints will allow us to play according to the rules.

White always makes the first move, a situation that has been established by convention. Then it is the turn of the player with the Black pieces, and the game continues alternately in this way, a move by each player.